Packaging & Kitting

Packaging and Kitting to Spec, Every Time – No Exceptions

Packaging services may involve repacking your product from bulk into smaller containers for delivery to the assembly plants. Packaging may also involve machinery such as weight-count scales, dumper bins, box tape machines and more. We do it all and can meet your every need, on time and without error. Each new package is verified to contain the correct quantity as outlined in the PPAP.

We have a wide range of packaging capabilities including:

  • The ability to package parts from 0.01kg to several tons
  • Pre-delivery inspection, sorting and preparation
  • Label verification process insures accuracy to the part and package
  • A wide variety of special package designs and containers
  • Care in the handling of your product and management of its quality
  • Use of bar code scanners
  • Experience with Plex ERP software

Kitting may involve adding various components to each box so that all the components needed for a specific task are together in one place. These boxes are transported to the automotive plants so that workers have all the parts together, in one place, at their stations, ready for quick assembly. Kitting services can be very complex or very simple depending on your needs and specifications.

The average person would recognize a kitted product based upon product purchased and labeled “Assembly Required.” At Donato Enterprises, we can put that package together with all components needed for that specific product. Whether you have a large or small order makes no difference. We do them all, and we do them to perfection, every time. No exceptions.

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