SWAT: Sorting With Accurate Tenacity

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Donato Enterprises utilizes the “Swat Team” approach to solving both assembly and sorting issues. Our personnel are trained to carefully analyze each situation, assessing the project from every possible angle. This first step allows us to develop a customized “bullet proof” solution to meet assembly or sorting specifications. Through a dynamic team approach, we reach the customer’s goals in a cost effective and timely manner.

Next, we deploy our “Swat Team” in attack mode. Our highly trained specialists work together to coordinate their concerted team approach to accomplish the task at hand in a timely, cost effective, and efficient manner. This team approach has proven to be fast, efficient, and nearly error-free: Our processes are 99.965% effective.

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Donato Enterprise has a wide range of sorting capabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Attribute inspection (Cosmetic defects, Appearance, etc.)
  • Dimensional inspection (Using calipers, gages, etc.)
  • Creation of an instantaneous clean point (Virtually eliminating bad parts from the process)
  • Containment of non-conformances (Whether we know the issues in advance or not)

Stop worrying about bad parts that could slow or derail your assembly line. Donato Enterprises prides itself in its ability to inspect and contain out-of-spec parts, removing them from the flow of production—and saving our customers both money and time. Our exacting standards and processes enable us to ensure that products are fully tested, and that delivered parts always meet our customer’s specifications. We constantly communicate with customers throughout the process to prevent delays and assure complete satisfaction with every task we perform.

As the physical sorting proceeds, we provide our customers with comprehensive reporting needed to track the number of defective parts found. We approach reporting responsibilities with the same thoroughness, attention to detail, and exacting standards as we apply to the sorting process itself, providing our customers with exactly the information they need to fulfill their reporting requirements.

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