About Donato Enterprises

We Care Enough To Be The Very Best

When it comes to excellence in quality inspection and light assembly, Donato Enterprises stands alone.

Dedicated to continuous improvement in procedures, techniques and qualified personnel, Donato Enterprises delivers outstanding performance in all we do. Our team of specialists strives to provide the perfect outcome for you every time.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Our proprietary processes have been developed and proven over the course of hundreds of critical jobs performed for industry-leading clients. We strongly believe our proprietary process enables us to sort and contain product better than anyone in the industry, while decreasing turnaround time — we’re five times faster than anyone in the industry — and improving quality.

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Our excellent quality record has afforded us a high profile in the business community. Quality is our responsibility and our constant goal. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest of standards while remaining consistently competitive in pricing.

We use the “Swat Team” approach to solve assembly and sorting issues. Our personnel are trained to carefully analyze each situation, and assess the project from every possible angle. This first step allows us to develop a customized “bullet proof” solution to meet assembly or sorting specifications. Through a dynamic team approach, we reach the customer’s goals in a cost effective and timely manner.

We have more than 20 years experience in developing numerous facets of secondary operations and assembly. We provide complex and simple services for programs requiring sorting and inspecting parts for defects using QS and ISO guidelines. We are also well qualified in the rework of parts by hand and secondary equipment.

Our assembly services include both hand and tool-based assembly, including the use of tools such as spray guns for glue, spot welding and presses. Donato Enterprises is highly experienced in developing specialty milling and assembly machines to modify parts to meet our customer’s specifications. We also routinely package parts to our customer’s specifications, continuously updating our processes to provide the very best product possible. All of our machines are routinely inspected and serviced to ensure that we maintain the quality our customers demand and deserve.

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