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With years of experience in developing specialty machines, assembly of parts, and part changes, Donato Enterprises is your superior custom parts manufacturer serving Eastern and Central Michigan.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in inspection facets, secondary operations, and assembly. We strive to work around each customer’s specifications and deliver prompt and excellent service. All of our machines are inspected regularly and maintained to achieve the quality we promise for our customers.

We use various hand assembly methods for parts manufacturing and are continuously updating our processes to provide our customers with the best.

Sorting & Parts Assembly

Packaging & Kitting

Cleaning & Deburring

Parts Inspection

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As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on every product and service we put out. From sorting and inspecting parts for defects and utilizing QSB to ISO guidelines, and complete GP12 implementation, we handle it all with expertise and skill.








Due to our superb quality record, we have gained a positive reputation in the business community. One of our primary goals is delivering quality into every service and product. We hold our production and staff to the highest standards and offer competitive pricing.


Our team is trained to carefully analyze each situation and assess a project from every perspective to ensure quality. With a bullet-proof solution mindset, every staff member is held accountable and works incredibly hard to deliver prompt and excellent products


With over 20 years of experience developing numerous facets of secondary operations and assembly, you can count on us. Our staff is well-versed in sorting and inspecting parts using QS and ISO guidelines, hand-work and other equipment.
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“Kyle and his team have gone above and beyond for us during our time utilizing their services. They are extremely responsive, flexible, and always supportive. I would highly recommend them and appreciate their professionalism while doing quality work.”

- Brendan W.

“Kyle is very professional and thorough. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and Chris is a pleasure to deal with.”

- Robert Z.

“As a vendor for this company, they are an excellent partner in today's business environment. I truly enjoy working with Chris, Pam, Kyle, and Eric. These are truly good people. Thanks for everything!”

- Eric G.

“Great company owned by fabulous people and employed with outstanding individuals.”

- Connie C.