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As a family-owned and operated business, Donato Enterprises, Inc. is committed to delivering quality inspections and assembly services with excellence. Our team stays updated on new procedures and techniques to offer superior performance.

We recognized the need for cleaning, packaging, and quality assurance that could provide a significantly higher standard of service to major manufacturing firms. Thus, Donato Enterprises was formed.

Over the years, our proprietary processes have been improved and proven successful for our automotive and other industry-leading clients. We guarantee the best approaches to sort and contain products that no one else in our industry can compete with. On top of delivering the best outcomes every time, we do it fast and efficiently. We are proud to serve Eastern and Central Michigan.

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Chris Columbus Donato

“The name of our company is Donato Enterprises. I put my name up front because I know that the work we do is good. I’ll put my name on everything we do because I will stand behind it.”
– Chris Donato

Chris Columbus Donato

CEO and Founder

Donato Enterprises’ success is rooted in a firm foundation: Its founder’s clear-eyed concept of business excellence, commitment to integrity, and vision for continual improvement.

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Professional Experience

When Chris Donato left his job at Xerox Corporation in 1996 to found the company that bears his name, he had an unshakeable commitment to building a firm that reflected his ideals. Consequently, dedication to hard work, absolute integrity in all business dealings, and a desire to excel in all areas are the hallmarks of both the man and the company he founded.

Chris established Donato Enterprises after an outstanding prior career as an Account Representative for Xerox Corporation. At his hiring, he was the only one in a group of 25 new hires to join the firm without a college degree; nonetheless, he rapidly established himself as a leader, rising to the #2 ranking in his district within his first year. By 1992, he had assumed leading accounts such as Chrysler, K-Mart, and Blue Cross, establishing himself as the company’s #1 salesman nationwide.

After initially establishing Donato Enterprises as a sales enterprise, Chris quickly recognized the need for an inspection, sorting, and quality assurance company that could provide a significantly higher standard of service to major manufacturing firms. Chris developed proprietary inspection and containment processes that significantly improved the efficacy of sporting activities, creating the framework for Donato Enterprises’ outstanding performance: The company sorts with a 99.965% effectiveness rate, compared to the industry standard of 87%.

Working With Integrity & Commitment to Excellence

Born into a blue-collar background, Christopher Columbus Donato is the son of an auto body service technician and GM assembly worker father, and an office manager mother. Spending his formative years in Warren, Michigan, Chris learned the value of integrity and commitment to excellence from his hard-working parents. The family later moved to Richmond, Michigan, where he graduated from Richmond High School. Chris still credits his father with much of the wisdom that led to his success: “My father had only a seventh-grade education, but he would master everything he tried,” he says. “I learned a lot from him about the value of a hard work ethic. It’s the way I was raised, and it’s the way I am raising my kids.”

Giving Back to the Community

Chris and his wife Pam, Donato Enterprises’ Vice President, are the proud parents of three sons, all of whom work in the family business. Chris and Pam have remained active in community organizations, working with the Autism Society and the Richmond High School Band, spearheading a drive to acquire new band uniforms – the group’s first new uniforms in four decades.

Life Outside of Work

In his limited time away from work, Chris enjoys boating, water skiing, and snow skiing. However, his primary focus remains his family and his business—his drive to make Donato Enterprises the best it can remain as strong as ever. “I try to plan to make sure that things are done right,” Chris says. “It’s about the thought pattern, about how we do things – making sure the processes are bulletproof and that we make sure that things are always done right.”

Pamela A. Donato

Pamela A. Donato

Vice President

Pamela Donato, Donato Enterprises’ Vice President, was born in Detroit to a GM assembly line worker father and a stay at home mother.

She was raised in Carleton, Michigan, where she learned small-town values and a strong work ethic. Pam graduated from Airport High School with honors before attending Monroe County Community College for two years.

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She then transferred to the University of Michigan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, earning her degree in 1989. She worked in a title company as an administrative assistant to an insurance agency during and immediately following college.

Pam married Chris Donato in 1994 and started a family right away: They had three boys within five years. Meanwhile, she helped to create the sorting and quality inspection business with Chris in 1996.

Beginnings of Our Company

Among her initial duties, she sorted and packaged parts, conducted kit assembly, and worked in assembly, inventory control, and quality control. In the company’s early stages, she was the only office personnel member, handling customer support, scheduling, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and human resources. She helped set up containment activities at customer locations, developed Control Plans, FEMAs, and PPAP’s and satisfied the ISO Quality Standards.

As the business has grown, Pam has settled into the Accounting Department and supervises an office staff of five while maintaining involvement with all aspects of the company. She currently helps to set policy, performs employee reviews, handles all accounts payable, oversees the human resources activities, and supports customers by organizing sorting inspection activities.

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