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At Donato Enterprises, Inc., we take pride in the package and kitting services we provide to businesses across Eastern and Central Michigan. With our tireless dedication and surefire techniques, our packaging and kitting services are unparalleled.

We do it all and can meet every request on time and without error. Whether you need sorting and assembly or cleaning and deburring, we deliver quality and excellence in every service. Our goal is to not only meet your specifications for every project but also exceed your expectations.

Careers in Memphis, MI | Donato Enterprises, Inc.
Jobs in Memphis, MI | Donato Enterprises, Inc.


Our packaging services can meet your needs on time and without error. Whether we are repacking your product from bulk into smaller containers for delivery to the assembly plants or packaging machinery such as weight-count scales, dumper bins, and box tape machines, we can do it all seamlessly. Each new package is verified to contain the correct quantity as outlined in the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

We have a wide range of packaging capabilities, including:

  • The ability to package parts from 0.01kg to several tons
  • Pre-delivery inspection, sorting, and preparation
  • Label verification process ensures accuracy to the part and package
  • A wide variety of special package designs and containers
  • Care in the handling of your product and management of its quality
  • Use of barcode scanners
  • Experience with Plex ERP software


Along with packaging, we can provide kits to keep components needed for a specific task in one place. Kitting makes the assembly process easy, so all parts are together, making it easier for a quick assembly.

Whether you have a large or small order, we can put the package together with all components needed, so you don’t have to worry about labels and complex assembly. We do them all, and we do them to perfection every time.


We can glue products securely and cleanly, no matter the shape, size, or weight. We are committed to providing your company and customers with a defect-free product every time by utilizing internal APQP processes and advanced manufacturing knowledge. Our highly skilled team identifies the right adhesive for the job and uses proper application and curing techniques. We guarantee our finished product will always meet your specifications.

Our gluing capabilities include:

  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Styrofoam
  • Felt
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Small to large quantities
  • Simple or complex products
  • Permanent or removable glue
  • Virtually any other specialty material, project, or process

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“Kyle and his team have gone above and beyond for us during our time utilizing their services. They are extremely responsive, flexible, and always supportive. I would highly recommend them and appreciate their professionalism while doing quality work.”

- Brendan W.

“Kyle is very professional and thorough. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and Chris is a pleasure to deal with.”

- Robert Z.

“As a vendor for this company, they are an excellent partner in today's business environment. I truly enjoy working with Chris, Pam, Kyle, and Eric. These are truly good people. Thanks for everything!”

- Eric G.

“Great company owned by fabulous people and employed with outstanding individuals.”

- Connie C.