Ensuring Success Through Quality

Sorting With Accurate Tenacity

With routinely inspected and serviced machines and hand and tool-based assembly, Donato Enterprises, Inc. is committed to meeting your project and budget requirements with ease. Our team (link to about us) is trained and experienced to ensure that we maintain our customers’ deserved quality.

By staying up to date on new processes and techniques, we can promptly deliver the best product possible for our customers. We utilize the “SWAT” approach, which stands for sorting with accurate tenacity. Our staff is trained to carefully analyze each situation and assess the project from every angle. We then work together to coordinate a team approach to accomplish the task in a timely, cost effective, and efficient manner. This team approach has proven to be fast, efficient, and nearly error-free: Our processes are 99.965% effective.

Ensuring Quality & Efficient
Production Times

At Donato Enterprises, we focus on eliminating product defects by preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to human errors as they occur. We ensure a defect-free result due to our quality-controlled assembly process and clean environment that prevents possible contamination.

Sorting Services in Memphis, MI | Donato Enterprises, Inc.


At Donato Enterprises, we pride ourselves on inspecting and containing out-of-spec parts and removing them from production flow. We want to save you time and money by ensuring your products are thoroughly tested and delivered to your satisfaction. With critical attention to detail and prompt service, our customers receive comprehensive reporting throughout the sorting process.

Our sorting capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attribute inspection (Cosmetic defects, Appearance, etc.)
  • Dimensional inspection (Using calipers, gages, etc.)
  • Creation of an instantaneous clean point (Virtually eliminating bad parts from the process)
  • Containment of non-conformances (Whether we know the issues in advance or not)
Inspection in Memphis, MI | Donato Enterprises, Inc.


Our assembly services range from the simple application of a clip to the complicated assembly of wiring harnesses and the gluing of multiple components. With our high-speed inspection processes and trucks, our product is delivered on time, every time. We provide many types of assembly services for a wide variety of market sectors, including the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Our assembly services include:

  • Assembly of foam to plastics,
  • Assembly of tight tolerance plastic parts
  • Assembly of clips on plastic components
  • Hand assembly
  • Pick and pack
  • Heat sealing
  • Hand gluing
  • Source tagging
  • Sub-Assembly Services

Automotive Component Assembly

The automotive component assembly process can include a variety of activities such as:

  • Gluing components
  • Adding springs or clips to plastic components
  • Snapping parts together
  • Adding screws and spot welding parts
Assembly Services in Memphis, MI | Donato Enterprises, Inc.

3D Printing

Our facilities are equipped with several 3D printers to create fixtures, gauges, and prototypes. We have the skill and tools to manipulate prints using plastic temperature, plastic flow, retraction, speed, infill percentage, and many other variables to create faster, more accurate, and more substantial prints. We have also been experimenting with different materials to make each print optimal for its purpose.

For most fixturing, PLA, a fully biodegradable plastic, works perfectly. We use a printable rubber, TPE, due to its strong durability. We also use Nylon, which is soft yet durable, and Polycarbonate, strong yet brittle. Our materials combined with our capabilities can bring your company to the next level with prototyping and fixturing through 3D printing.

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