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Donato Enterprises provides many types of assembly services for a wide variety of industries. Our assembly services range from the simple application of a clip to the complicated assembly of wiring harnesses and the gluing of multiple components. These include:

  • Assembly of foam to plastics with perfect results
  • Assembly of tight tolerance plastic parts
  • Assembly of clips on plastic components
  • Assembly of automotive components
  • Hand assembly
  • Pick and pack
  • Heat sealing
  • Hand gluing
  • Source tagging
  • Sub-Assembly Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy the assembly needs of automotive industry clients. The automotive component assembly process can include a variety of activities such as:

  • Gluing components
  • Adding springs or clips to plastic components
  • Snapping parts together
  • Adding screws and spot welding parts

The automotive industry requires the use of a poka-yoke mechanism to eliminate defects and ensure that quality levels are met for all assembled parts. At Donato Enterprises, we take the Japanese term poka-yoke seriously in everything we do. Poka-yoke means β€œmistake proofing,” and is any mechanism in a manufacturing process that helps an equipment operator avoid errors. Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting or drawing attention to human errors as they occur.

Poka-yoke can refer to any behavior-shaping constraint designed into a process to prevent incorrect operation by the user, which is why this term is so important to nearly everything we do. We think of poka-yoke as we perform all our tasks with an eye to designing our processes so that an operation literally cannot be performed incorrectly. Our emphasis on this principle sets us apart from the competition.

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Quality is our responsibility and constant goal. Our assembly process is quality-controlled every step of the way to help us ensure a defect-free result. Our clean environment ensures that parts remain free from contamination. Our high speed inspection processes and our fleet of trucks help to ensure that product is delivered on time, every time.

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