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Outstanding Training and Inspection

Donato Enterprises offers GM certified training in 5 Why, Quality Systems (QS), Quality Systems Basics (QSB), 5S, Label Error Proofing and Drill Deep / Drill Wide. GM Certified training is provided at customer locations utilizing their own processes so the customer meets their quality requirements. Our training incorporates real- time aspects of the quality audits in the process, helping trainers verify that the training is effective and useful for the trainees.

Parts inspection or quality inspection can be performed using gauges, visual inspection, or a combination of the two. The purpose of inspection is to control non-conforming product and prevent it from reaching the production area.

Gauge inspection processes may include multiple gauging methods including usage of attribute, profile, pin, plug, snap, height, or thread gauges.

Inspection can and often is written into the PPAP documentation. Containment services using an ISO 9001 certified third party provider is a requirement of CS2 (contained shipping level 2). Fast response is critical in the just-in-time world of the automotive industry. The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is commonly used within the automotive supply chain to assure confidence in component suppliers and their production processes. This is accomplished by demonstrating that all customer engineering design records and specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier and that the process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

Our PPAP experience has made Donato Enterprises quite familiar with the paperwork required to document results, as well as with the elements of the process and approach.

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Complete GP-12 and Safe Launch inspections are an incredibly important component of supply chain management and Donato Enterprises provides these services on site or at our location with Quad charts and Pareto charts e-mailed daily to appropriate personnel. Complete GM QSB Training services are also available on site. Additional training services include:

  • Label Error Proofing
  • Drill Deep Drill Wide
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 5S Training

We utilize manufacturing engineering and process control on all of our inspections. APQP is involved before we start our inspection process, enabling us to increase our speed and accuracy. This provides our customers with the most efficient, accurate and cost effective inspection of their products possible.

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